☆ Where to invest?

1. Where better to invest the money and for what all this?

You are satisfied with average wealth and not less than average in the lives of the majority of "ordinary" people? If you are reading this page, it is likely - no. People who are accustomed to think a head, there are 3 main objectives:
• Financial independence.
• Good health. They say that money can not buy health. This is not quite true. Quality health care will always be worth a lot of money.
• Confidence in the future for themselves and their families.

Only thanks to the assets a person can create a personalized financial "safety cushion", and passive income. Remember pensioners, they did not have the opportunity to invest in their future, and now their modest pensions cause only sympathy for him, and motivates the modern man to think a head, and seek answers to questions such as:
• Where you can invest a little money?
• Where to invest money in this year and next?
• Where to invest money in a crisis?
• Is there any effective options to invest or pitfalls are everywhere?

This article is not a textbook on the subject: "Where to invest money for Dummies", but, nevertheless covers the main ways of investing and allows to determine the direction of further development in this matter.

2. Investing money in the offline investments - traditional options

When it comes to off-line investment, it is clear that this implies a direct appearance in the office, the filling of a number of documents and the loss of a certain amount of personal time, but sometimes it''s worth it, because the investor has a measure of protection from regulators or guarantees from the state.

In times of crisis, people often ask the question: "Where to invest during the crisis?", Unfortunately, not all the methods of offline-investment may be a good answer to this question, but these ways of investing money is to know everyone.

3. Invest in bank deposit

The most common and most affordable way to invest money, it is an investment of money at interest.
Of course, when it comes to bank deposit should not rely on augmentation of funds as interest on deposits not even overlaps the real inflation.

At the moment there is a huge number of banks offering high interest rates on deposits and, as a rule, the smaller the bank, the higher the rate, the reliability of such banks may be questionable, but if you decide to invest money in a bank deposit - you are insured, and in case of bankruptcy or revocation of a license, the money you pay. But in any case, do not expect 100% reliability of the bank deposit as well as political or economic circumstances may lead to the freezing of funds.

Investing money in a bank deposit - advantages:
• Low entry threshold (from 1000 RUR / 500 USD);
• Guaranteed return on investment in the case of bank problems;
• A fixed guaranteed rate of return;
• The ability to quickly obtain funds (most likely the loss of accrued interest).

Investing money in a bank deposit - disadvantages:
• Low yields, which does not cover inflation.

Opening the contribution, it is worth considering a few points:
a) For how long do you plan to invest (optimally makes the investment for a period of 1-3 months.).
b) In what currency to carry out the investment of money - it is always better to invest in the dollar and the euro (35% in dollars, 25% euros, 10% in Swiss francs and 30% in the national currency.).
c) By what percentage and in which bank to invest money (better not to pursue interest and choose a reliable bank).

4. Invest in endowment life insurance (CNM)

The product combines two functions: accumulation of funds and life insurance (death, accident, illness, disability, survivorship).

As a rule, a contract term of 10-30 years. This product can be used as an opportunity to invest in order to achieve the goal of expensive (buying real estate, payment of a child''s education, etc.), or to use as an alternative to pensions, accumulated lump sum at the time of his retirement. That is, at the end of the program you get all the accumulated funds and additional investment income, but this income is likely to compensate for inflation, than multiply money.
Before you invest money in a CNM, you must all sides to consider the option of investing money and to weigh all the pros and cons.

Investment in the CNM has several advantages:
• After the first deposit insurance protection begins to act in its entirety, ie, when the insured event, no matter how much has been accumulated funds, the entire planned amount will be paid or the insurance company will continue to make payments to the planned amount was collected by the deadline;
• Investment in the insurance program is useful because these funds are not subject to confiscation, recovery, and are not included in the joint property in case of divorce;
• Insurance payments made when the insured event, is not taxed on personal income.

Do you want to invest money in the CNM - Know and disadvantages:
• Systematic payments (once a month, quarter, year);
• The danger of inflation, ie by the end of the term of the insurance money invested may be seriously impaired (if they invest in the CNM, with reference to the dollar or the euro);
• Can not prematurely withdraw without loss of the invested funds.

This method of investing money should only be used to diversify the already well-formed investment portfolio.

5. To invest in precious metals

During economic instability, the eyes of people turn to what has always been the price - gold. Of course, it is believed that the era of gold has passed and the future of electronic currency, but the man really owns only that can hold in their hands. In addition, gold has always covers inflation.
Asking the question, "How to invest in gold and other precious metals," should pay attention to the following, the most common ways:

- Unallocated metal accounts (CBOs). This is an opportunity to buy some of the precious metal, which in grams is credited to your account, which reduces the entry threshold in this tool, because you can make a purchase from 1 gram. OMC can be opened in many banks, at the opening should be to look at the value of the spread (the difference between buying and selling rates).

Advantages that you vote, decided to invest in the OMC:
• No need to buy a bar, and take care of his safety;
• You can quickly close the account and return the money;
• VAT is not charged When buying gold impersonal.

Investment in OMC - cons:
• Unlike bank deposits are not insured by the state.

- Ingots. A good option if you want to invest for the very long-term accumulation, perhaps for future generations.

Invest the money in the bars - the pros:
• Gold or silver of 999 tests at a price as close as possible to the market.

Investment in bullion - cons:
• When purchasing a VAT and VAT on the sale is not refundable;
• At the sale back to the bank to be subjected to Bar Examination (done by the seller);
• The need for storage;
• The long investment period (decades).

- Investment coins. Investing in gold coins - a great alternative to bullion!

Advantages of investing money in investment coins:
• Not subject to VAT;
• For the price close to the value of the metal used to manufacture;
• They are legal tender;
• Practically not forged;
• Over time can be numismatic interest.

Disadvantages of investing in investment coins:
• Relatively low liquidity;
• Long-term investment (years).

- Jewelry. Buying jewelry for the purpose of investing the money can be considered only if you have the opportunity to buy relatively inexpensive jewelry, or other countries, or as a drag scrap. metals.
In general, investing money in gold and other precious metals, it is necessary to carry out, when you already have formed a "security cushion" and a sufficient amount of liquid assets.
Summarizing all the above, in drag. Metals can be said that the physical gold and silver - a good tool to save resources.

6. Invest in mutual funds (PIFs)

Unit Investment Fund (UIF) - is a form of collective investment funds in which investors are united in a fund for future placement in the securities of (or other assets) in order to generate income. Those. You, as part of its share, have some share of each stock and / or bonds (this is especially true when it comes to expensive assets) which is a part of the mutual fund. By the way, you can buy even a part of the unit.

Depending on what tools are in the PIF, the following types of mutual funds, and, accordingly, options as to invest in which:
• Stock mutual funds - the most common, the most affordable for private investors and the most risky form of investment funds, investment of money for the most part carried out in the action, but it is possible to invest in a certain proportion of the bonds;
• Bond mutual funds - the most reliable tool if you want to invest money in a mutual fund, which has a fixed rate of return (usually small). Basically, you will invest the money in bonds, but part of the mutual fund may contain a certain proportion of the shares;
• Index mutual funds - investing money in stock market indices is carried out, it is probably the best option to start investments in mutual funds, as the result of a management company work will be seen when compared with the dynamics of the corresponding index;
• Mixed mutual funds - a hybrid of mutual funds and mutual fund shares bonds, ie, They consist of two types of securities. Such funds most flexible strategy: they may consist of 100% of the shares during the growth of the market and 100% of the bonds during the market decline;
• Mutual Funds of funds - these are mutual funds, you can invest in other mutual funds, ie there is diversification of investments among different mutual funds.

What you win, if you want to invest in mutual funds:
• Diversification of investment risks;
• Control and Transparency Fund (all necessary information should be disclosed on the website of the management company);
• Professional fund management, which saves you from having to understand the intricacies of the stock market.

What do you lose if you decide to invest in mutual funds:
• Permanent payment of the remuneration of the management company, even if the fund loses money;
• Compared with the instruments that have a fixed yield mutual funds are riskier, but it can be more profitable;
• Compared with contributions, there is no government guarantee for a refund;
• The need to pay income tax (paid on the sale of the unit).

My opinion - the investment of money in mutual funds is not justified because of the low profitability and high risk.

7. To invest in the business or property

His business - one of the most important options for investing money. Business is different, but the ultimate goal of any businessman - automation of profit. But, for various reasons, the business is not for everyone.

To invest in real estate need to hold sufficient capital. Properties in the right place - it''s always a very good option to invest money.

8. Investments in Internet - a solution for advanced people!

In fact, the Internet offers opportunities to invest for people of any age, regardless of occupation or profession. Think of the traditional off-line version - bank deposit, the government proposes to invest money in the bank at 5-20% per annum (depending on the country), which did not even cover inflation. But the World Wide Web provides a wide selection of high-yielding investments (from 40 to 90% per annum).

Investing money on the internet is attractive by the fact that you are not required:
• Contact with the "right people";
• Large start-up capital;
• Knowledge in the field of investment, experience and higher education.

That is to invest money on the internet can absolutely everyone, and no matter what your gender or social status!

I prefer to invest money on the internet, although I do have assets and branches in the real economy. About 10-20% of my monthly salary, I invest in internet investments. Working in long and short term, these assets allow me to skim the cream of passive income every month. This blog, I began to lead after being picked up good experience.

Want to know where to invest your money at good interest rates, not applying to this special effort? Then we move on ...

9. Why did I choose to trust?

The bottom line is this: you give your money at the disposal of an individual or a company manager. They''re using their experience, capabilities, tools and knowledge multiply your capital. The resulting profit investor and the company is divided between the halves 50/50%, but can meet other conditions.

By the way, a deposit in the bank - this is also trust. However, the yield from it is much lower, as the bank itself invests in various assets and gives you just the crumbs from their profits.

5 areas in which trust the most relevant:
• Stock market (investing money in bonds, stocks, etc.).
• Investing money in a real business (the real economy);
• Forex Currency Exchange;
• Venture capital investments;
• Various investment funds and companies;
• High-yield investment program;
• Futures.
Note! From you, as an investor, active participation and expertise are required. All work takes over the control. The most important thing - to find an intelligent control, which would be good and well increases your contribution.

Each manager and the company as a whole works under the standard scheme. Each investor is required to have a private office, where he keeps statistics of charges and account history of profitability. Deposit and Withdrawal is carried out by means of bank transfers and popular electronic payment systems (WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex Money, PerfectMoney etc.).

Asset management is perhaps the most popular form of investing money.
• Firstly, low entry threshold. The favorable investment of money possible from $ 100. It is also possible to invest money in rubles and euros;
• Secondly, there is no need to understand the specifics of the currency markets (for you all make managing your case - only to invest);
• Third, to provide services there is no need to visit the office, which may not yet be in your town (everything is done through the Internet, including input / withdrawal of funds);
• Fourth, ease monitoring.

For the same reasons, the investment of money in trust and relevant to investors who hold significant capital.

10. Where to find a successful and well-managed?

Indeed, half the battle know - where to invest money profitably, but the most important thing - to find an intelligent control and transparency of the company, which an investor would have to increase their capital. And then you have only 2 options:
a) Independent search of a successful company. Deficit for such companies on the Internet fortunately not. But the downside is that verify their competence only have personal experience. The site can be very beautiful, attractive, high ratings and recommendations, with a very eloquent graph. But all this does not guarantee that the company really is such. Therefore you have to spend time to conduct experiments, tests, and of their risk capital.

a) The second option is more preferable - this advice from other experienced investors. Knowledgeable and honest investor who tried these or other investment companies, who warn of the loss-making areas, as well as to recommend where to invest money with maximum benefit.

I am engaged in investment over 5 years. During all this time I have worked with many companies and investment vehicles, waiting for me both successes and failures. The favorable investment of money - it''s a long time for me not just a hobby, but a lifestyle.

In his blog, I present the real statistics of profitability, real reviews from other investors, my personal observation, analysis, facts, etc. All this information will help you choose the best option and understand what to invest money.

Note! It is important to understand the essence of the investment on the Internet: none of the experienced managers will not give you 100% guarantee that the investment of money in his account is the best and safest. The foreign exchange market is dynamic. He is not standing still and is able to change in the shortest possible time the most extraordinary way. Therefore, to ensure an adequate income, no trader is not entitled. If you stumble on this, you know - you''re lying, and brazenly. Even the most experienced and professional manager sometimes makes mistakes. Therefore, try to avoid promises guaranteed profit.

11. Where to invest money to a newcomer? - Get on my blog!

My experience will prevent many mistakes that most new investors. Read my stuff, and you will find answers to many important questions for yourself:
• Where to invest money on the Internet and not to be mistaken?
• How to invest to passive income consistently walked month?
• Where to invest money in a crisis?
• Where better to invest for the long and short term?

The relevant sections you can learn more about how to become an investor and how to order a ready portfolio.

P.S. Internet - a smart investment opportunity to do ordinary people and do not care for all the limitations that exist in offline investments. So why not take this chance?

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