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WestLand Storage

Many of our clients share their success stories with us. Some have become investors and have a constant flow of income from real estate investments, and others work with partners and receive commission. There are also those that organize conferences, podcasts, etc, and are considered leaders among WestLand Storage clients.

Valdis was one of the first to organize a WestLand Storage conference in his city. This event peaked his interest and he is now of the most loyal and active clients we have. He sent us a video that he would like to share with you. We hope you like it!

Nov-18-2018 04:39:21 AM

DER Global Limited


In the preparation of celebration of the first year online of we prepare many new features which you already may see and one of them is regional representative program.
We offer a great opportunity to make much more profit with your partners and using our exclusive terms.

Learn more about becoming a regional representative of

If you need any advice and you want to ask independent person, please find a regional representative in your country:

We also prepared a commercial that describes our referral system. You may find it in our brand new YouTube channel:

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited

Nov-12-2018 06:27:11 AM

Grant Epos LTD

Dear investors and partners of Grant Epos LTD!

As you already know, very soon we will launch a global update of our platform Grant Epos 2.0. This is a very important event for our company. In this regard, we could not but prepare a gift for you.

The start of the campaign exceeded all our expectations, because for the first 2 days the Fund raised more than 35 000$! If dalnostroy will exhibit such a high activity, the amount of the Fund will be collected much earlier than expected, and the bonus program is earlier terminated. Investors who have not yet had time to participate in the action, we recommend not to postpone, so as not to miss the best chance for increased passive profit.

The action "+5% to the Deposit", which was launched on 30.10.2018, was launched long ago. The larger the Deposit amount, the greater the bonus amount that will be returned to the account. This offer applies to all newly opened deposits for the tariff plan "Startup 2.0". The bonus program has a limited validity period, so we recommend you to hurry.

Do not forget that opening a Deposit at the rate of "Startup 2.0" you get not only a return of 5% of the Deposit amount, but also an excellent passive income of 2.4% per day.

We appreciate our investors and their trust in our company, so we offer the most favorable terms of cooperation!

Update 2.0 -

Nov-2-2018 08:38:58 AM

DER Global Limited


With a great pleasure we would like to announce that we reached 50000 clients.
For the period of 344 days more than $113.6 million dollars has been invested with our online investment service and more than $36.2 million dollars has been withdrawn.
We are really grateful to our clients who trust us their assets.

We would like to inform you that we also changed the structure of our affiliate program.
From now it has 3 levels: 5%-2%-1%.

Moreover, we set up our social networks representative pages:
Telegram -
Facebook -
Twitter -

In the nearest time we are planning set up online chat and phone support.

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited

Oct-27-2018 06:32:20 AM

Grant Epos LTD

Dear investors and partners of Grant Epos LTD!
Today will be held the next webinar from a series of training videos, which the company announced earlier.
You can learn: «Duplicate a structure and training beginners». We will also pay attention to the issue of outgoing traffic. This is not a final list, and we will touch upon many other interesting topics.

The most active and motivated webinar participants who are interested in building affiliate structures will receive useful bonuses from the company.

The webinar will be held on October 23, 2018 at 20:00 Moscow time.
Link to the room -

Join the webinar, it will be interesting and informative!

Oct-25-2018 07:26:50 AM

Grant Epos LTD

Dear investors and partners of Grant Epos LTD!
We would like to inform you about the opening of a new office! If a company fulfills its obligations and takes up certain positions on the market, its success can be characterized not only by a high level of profit, but also by trust of its partners and clients. Our partners from Rostov took an active interest in the development of the company and opened a representative office in their city.

We will continue to improve all forms of interaction, increase our territorial presence and develop our network of offices in the regions.

We hope that the opening of the new office will allow our clients once again to make sure that the Grant Epos Company is a serious and reliable partner with whom they can build long-term financial plans.

This is a significant event not only for us, but also for our representatives, therefore, this event was celebrated with a sumptuous banquet, to which investors and partners interested in cooperation with the reliable representative of the trust management market were invited.

Follow the link to view the video report from this event:

Oct-17-2018 02:08:24 PM

Caribbean Dream

We are pleased to announce that we have opened the opportunity for our clients to share information about Caribbean Dream Holding through social networks. Sign up on our website, if you still do not have a personal account, and share your affiliate link with your friends on social networks.

Earn a stable income with our company not only on the investment offer, but also on the affiliate program!

Oct-15-2018 02:16:46 PM

Grant Epos LTD

Hello, dear investors and partners of Grant Epos LTD!
We really appreciate your excellent support of our platform on various online resources and are grateful that you stay and develop with us. This gives us additional motivation to move forward, generate new ideas and gain a leading position on the market.

Cooperation with Grant Epos means working with a professional and competent team that has an unblemished reputation, confirmed not only by the large number of feedbacks from satisfied clients around the world, but also by favourable opinion in the media.

See for yourself! We call your attention to links to articles on some online resources:

Certainly, like any other successful company, Grant Epos has both positive and negative opinions on the Internet, which give us even more energy and motivation for development. You won't have "mudslinging" if people don't envy you. As a rule, less successful competitors order such articles. What is most interesting, their price is quite high.

Here are some of them:

We would like to note that the last article refers to a certain expert group: “One of the expert groups analyzed the project and came to an unambiguous conclusion” in the form of this resource

Let's take a look at this experts. Here are a couple of articles devoted to their activities:

On the Internet, you can also find other similar information on the other resources of these so-called experts.

Trust only reliable sources of information.

Best regards, Grant Epos LTD.

Oct-7-2018 06:32:32 AM


To our investors, We want to use this medium to wish you all a successful and wonderful month. In Nexio Investment Limited, We are over 70 days online and counting. There is never a moment we have missed in processing all withdrawals instantly because we understand the importance of it. So, Always gives us 5 star rating in forums and monitors because we will never disappoint you.

Invite your family and friends using your referral link and enjoy direct 10% of all their deposits.
With Nexio Investment Limited, your future starts now!!!

Oct-5-2018 06:33:05 AM

Dominant Finance

Dear investors and partners of Dominant Finance,

We are glad to inform you about coming of a joyful company’s event, which will take place in a few days. On October 5-8, the first international leadership meeting of Dominant Finance will be held in Moscow. The meeting will be attended by 20 most active company’s distributors from 9 countries such as USA, Germany, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

At this meeting, which will be held for two days, there will be present the company’s management and first persons, we will all meet and get acquainted, discuss our plans for further development, give presents to our leaders, visit the Moscow office of Dominant Finance, conduct an excursion around our mining farm, and, of course, we will make an exciting tour of the great city of Moscow, which will add bright colors to the life of every leader who has come to this meeting.

All instructions and the program of events on October 5-8 have already been sent to the e-mail addresses of our leaders. For more information, please contact our Partner Relations Department at:

Best Regards,
Partners Relationship Department

Oct-5-2018 06:02:30 AM