The event, which was waiting for, which was prepared, which excited all the leaders and partners - took place! March 16 from different parts of the world to the First International Congress of Leaders in Dubai, Investors and Management of HBM Corporation was attended by the most active and most dedicated partners and leaders.
Going on a trip, especially when it comes to such a truly grandiose event in the life of each partner, you expect a lot. The HBM IN DUBAI'18 promotion has become a bright, rich and positive occasion to come together with like-minded people and discuss strategically important issues for the Company, listen to wonderful speakers and learn about new achievements, gain energy and stimulus for further development, and unshakable confidence in happy future of your beloved company!
The program, which included a business part and a joint rest, was designed for 4 days. Everything sparkled, rustled, charged with energy and positive. The relaxed atmosphere and atmosphere of coziness, warmth and mutual understanding, luxurious rest in sunny Dubai, gatherings, treats, gifts and jokes, the exchange of news and information, and most importantly - joyful and inspired faces and a powerful sense of unity!
Tomorrow all participants of the congress will leave for their countries and the work of the Company will return to the regular regime. We thank all the participants of our event - our friends and like-minded people! We have once again convinced that HBM Company continues to grow confidently and successfully strides around the planet!
For us this congress is the most important event of the year. It gave a unique opportunity to feel the energy and power of the growing Company, which united people from almost all parts of the world and showed our solidarity and coherence in actions, which is important in solving daily work tasks. We will always strive to conquer new peaks and realize new ideas.
We share with you photos from our wonderful event: https://www.facebook.com/pg/hbmcor/photos/?tab=album&album_id=503758646686372
A full photo / video report will be submitted soon.
Great challenges await us! Forward to new victories!

The HBM Team

Mar-21-2018 03:45:58 AM