Greetings from AltCoiner team!

With the start of the new business week we have some important updates that we would like to share with all of Altcoiner users.

Our Director of Operations, Mr. Wei Tseng was quoted by CoinSpeak in an article devoted to the rising role of alternative crypto currencies.

Starting from today 1 more language is availble at Altcoiner - it is German. We hope our German investors will appreciate it, we do have a large group from this country so it's our privilidge to do somehting special for them.

We have also released an official video from Altcoiner & you can watch it & share with your friends & relatives who are not familiar with out platform. AltCoiner Official Video is available in our home page & in our Youtube channel.

We received some queires about our trading results. Reports are available upon request, just send an email to our support with Subject - Trading Reports.

As always if you have any quesitons or need some assistance our live chat & support e-mail are always availavle to you.

Altcoiner Team

May-10-2017 02:34:17 PM


Today it is exactly one year since we presented our online project Brason Investment Limited. Everyone got an opportunity to register on the site, make a deposit and start earning with us. That is the day one year ago it was made the first contribution into the project, and at the moment there is already the 31st of the investment cycle and we do not intend to stop for complacency.

While working, thousands of investors were joined to the projects who are satisfied with the cooperation with the company Brason Investment Limited because we have not had any delays in payments. The past year has been extremely productive for the project. We have demonstrated success as stable and timely payments of profit to each investor.

In order to work effectively with existing and potential investors, we decided to register a profile in popular social networks and created an official page where we will post important information about our activities. Join us on social media at the following links:

We will be happy to answer your questions and requests.

The company Brason Investment Limited is satisfied with the results of the first year of its work, and we are confident that this year will be no less successful, and our steps in the direction of the company will involve collaboration with us even more investors, who will get significant financial returns.

Let this year be a year of high yield within the framework of effective cooperation.

Branson Investment Limited

May-9-2017 09:14:18 AM


Greetings from AltCoiner team!

Bitcoin Transaction Congestion Surpasses All-Time-High!

As the Bitcoin price has reached $1500 & more the network also suffered from significant transaction congestion. For the past 36 hours, there has been a vast backlog of unconfirmed transactions. Currently, there are over 125,000 unconfirmed transactions waiting in the mempool. We'd like to update our users with the information related to the speed of the Bitcoin network.

Network congestion calms down eventually. In most cases, this issue is resolved within a few hours, but with such number of uncorfirmed transactions it could take a few days. As a result some users have been waiting for their transactions (both deposits & withdrawals) to confirm a lot longer. You could also note that some payments have been sent with delay - it's also caused by the congested network. So if you see that your payment was saved, please, do not contact us immediately, we'll send it as soon as we're allowed by the network. We appreciate your patience while you are waiting for this situation to clear up.

If you have a long pending unconfirmed transaction, you can try using a special transaction accelerator released by mining pool ViaBTC which can be utilized to prioritize low fee transactions. Users simply submit a TXID that includes a minimum 0.0001BTC/KB fee to Viabtc’s accelerator. The transaction will then be prioritized by Viabtc, and the pool will mine these transactions on the next block. However, there is a maximum of 100 txs that can be submitted every hour, but the service is completely free.

We hope this situation in the Bitcoin network will resolve over this weekend. We want to remind you that our platform is working 24x7 & we trade altcoins even over the weekend so you can enjoy your earnings.

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May-6-2017 08:52:31 AM


Diamond rush!!!
Biksbit is engaged in the extraction, processing and sale of precious stones. Important news! We are glad to inform our partners, friends and clients that Biksbit specialists have restored the mine on Wah Wah mountain, the only mine in which Biksbit was mining (type of beryl, the rarest stone on the planet, an extra piece, more than 1 carat of weight starts from $10,000 per carat) was blown up and flooded many years ago. Hooray! Now Biksbit is carrying out preparatory measures for the extraction of this precious stone, the rarest on the planet Earth. Biksbit will be the only exclusive supplier of Biksbit stones in the world. Currently, several prospective diamond mines in Australia have been purchased, mining of precious stones is in full swing. The purchase of Australian diamond mines is another of our prides. Biksbit is on a new stage of its development, it concludes contracts for the purchase and extraction of deposits of precious stones, finds new markets, strengthens its positions and boosts the consciousness of investors with its power and strength! In connection with the expansion of production, the increase in production, the purchase of new diamond mines, the company Biksbit gives each investor a bonus for new deposits within 12 days!

Biksbit is always ahead, we guarantee the safety of your investments and stable passive growth of dividends of each investor! Let's make our life better and brighter with Biksbit!

May-5-2017 06:46:03 PM


Our 60 Days Online !
Hello investors,
We have successfully passed our 60 Days online business.We specially thanks to our investors who belongs to our company and Enjoy a handsome profit with us.We reached more than 4 thousand clients worldwide and already paid over 4 millions .We are very thankful to trust on our program and help us to grow we really appreciate it.

Steven Clark(CEO)
Arbitrage Finance Limited

May-3-2017 09:28:20 AM



We are happy to welcome new members those who joined recently. Merchant Shares want to welcome you heartily. As well as we have great support of old members, and your trust is more worthy for us.

We are very sorry if you feeling some of troubles with Payment Processors which is making difficulties. We are always with our rules and legality, and very soon problem will be solved. Our financial and compliance department are working on it to get resolved, and there will be alternative solution if it won't be solved. Even we make our loss we don't let members to be in loss.

We hope everybody knows that we have new system here, MS is no longer Investing Company, it's Advertising Company, if you want to advertise or if you want to get revenue, we are here. Affiliation is so easy process, have to purchase adpacks and view ads daily and claim today's earning tomorrow. If you are so much busy to view daily advertise we have Subscription options too.

We have our Live chat staffs online 24 hours as well as Support ticket system, If you have some confusion and if you have issues, our Support system is here to get resolved.

Thank You,
Head of Support Department
Merchant Shares

Apr-21-2017 11:36:22 AM


Good day!

Our company is pleased to announce that we continue to work in a regular mode and to go forward according to the plan. We expand our geography, adding 100 representatives a week, building up our investment portfolio, making instant payouts and getting investments every day from thousands of investors who choose the “Humanity success evolution� strategy.

Zooo Proprietary Limited combines technologies, capabilities and people, processes all this information with the help of own tools and distributes finances between those projects that have practically guaranteed profitability. We distribute the received income between investors in automatic mode and each of them can use the results of the money almost instantly after we close the transaction or transfer regular income. ; — on this page you can see how easy it is to join our website and start earning on it. is constantly evolving and today you can see each of the 5 steps on the video that will give an understanding of how easy it is to manage your user account. — on our social pages you will always find living investors, testimonials, payment proofs and reports, as well as live information about our work. We continue to welcome the publication of your experience with our company, screenshots of the income received, invested funds, and video feedback. To view them, you can check directly our YouTube channel:

Next week we will make a report on the development of our program of regional representatives, since we will be able to add everyone who has been waiting for consideration of the application for some time. In a few weeks all representatives will have more sources for promotion and we are sure that everyone will like it. As a result, investors will receive even better service, support and accessibility of the “Humanity success evolution� strategy. Everyone can become a part of it now.

With best regards,
Your Proprietary Limited team

Apr-21-2017 11:34:03 AM


REYKEY weekly newsletter.



Dear REYKEY user!

Thank you for staying with us! The REYKEY project keeps growing thanks to your patronage and with your direct participation.


Last week's events have become yet another indication of our project staying on the right course. Here is a short rundown of our accomplishments over the last 7 days:


Website translated into Chinese. 

Among those interested in high-yield investments and having enough cash on hand to invest, Chinese speakers are probably the most numerous. With REYKEY now accessible to them, the project's potential for growth has taken a surge.


Promo material section updated. 

We have added banners the project's partners can use to create and develop their affiliate networks.


The first investment cycle under the REYKEY Fast investment plan completed. 

215 participants increased the amounts of their deposits by 15%.


2,200 new partners joined the project. 

The REYKEY system continues earning good reputation on the Internet and gets the interest of experienced investors. This is great news indeed!



Keep yourself informed of our newest developments - and stay with us to continue earning a steadily growing income!

Apr-10-2017 01:08:13 PM


Dear Biksbit partners, we have prepared a great piece of news for you!
The promotion of up to +20%* for deposits has started. Biksbit continues growing and developing thanks not only to our qualified specialists, but also thanks to you, our esteemed partners, thanks to your protection and direct participation.

Second amazing news: the French language was added, it is the language spoken by almost 274 million people. It means that even more partners will be able to join us and to receive a stable passive income in comfortable conditions, sitting at home behind the monitor screen. We are thankful to all company partners interested in a steadily growing income! Biksbit has been making its partners happy with high dividends for more than a year already!

We, Biksbit company, are the only ones who guarantees its clients a stable high profit!

Apr-10-2017 01:07:35 PM


Good Day!

We welcome everyone who reads these lines. Zooo Proprietary Limited continues to improve day by day in order to maximize the strategy of the “Humanity success evolution� and to implement it as widely as possible.

Projects on protection and development of the environment, medicine, animal agriculture, alternative energy sources and some other related areas have become the focus of Proprietary Limited main interest; our analysts have been able to find enough projects in these areas to integrate them into one mechanism that with help of BigData tools allows you to control the distribution of funding from private investors and their profit, including on a microscopic deposit.

The minimum amount of investments is $50 and there are no restrictions on geography or the number of deposits. We do not put forward any additional requirements, that is, there are no hidden conditions. Investment plans are fixed and changed only for the better offering the maximum attraction for you.

With website our company wants to unite people from all over the world. In this regard, we are looking for representatives and provide them with an attractive interest rate of 11%.

The referral link of the representative will be placed directly in the list of representatives.

This week we will update the map to show the real coverage of our company and also will add more convenient navigation by countries.

If you want to support our company, we offer you also the opportunity to publish your payments not only on the websites of our ratings ( and forums, but also on official pages in social networks:

You can do this under any publication, adding your unique referral link to your transfer information.

Where to find your referral link you can see in this video:

With best regards,
Your team

Mar-31-2017 07:37:24 AM