Dear Biksbit partners, we have prepared a great piece of news for you!
The promotion of up to +20%* for deposits has started. Biksbit continues growing and developing thanks not only to our qualified specialists, but also thanks to you, our esteemed partners, thanks to your protection and direct participation.

Second amazing news: the French language was added, it is the language spoken by almost 274 million people. It means that even more partners will be able to join us and to receive a stable passive income in comfortable conditions, sitting at home behind the monitor screen. We are thankful to all company partners interested in a steadily growing income! Biksbit has been making its partners happy with high dividends for more than a year already!

We, Biksbit company, are the only ones who guarantees its clients a stable high profit!

Apr-10-2017 01:07:35 PM


Good Day!

We welcome everyone who reads these lines. Zooo Proprietary Limited continues to improve day by day in order to maximize the strategy of the “Humanity success evolution� and to implement it as widely as possible.

Projects on protection and development of the environment, medicine, animal agriculture, alternative energy sources and some other related areas have become the focus of Proprietary Limited main interest; our analysts have been able to find enough projects in these areas to integrate them into one mechanism that with help of BigData tools allows you to control the distribution of funding from private investors and their profit, including on a microscopic deposit.

The minimum amount of investments is $50 and there are no restrictions on geography or the number of deposits. We do not put forward any additional requirements, that is, there are no hidden conditions. Investment plans are fixed and changed only for the better offering the maximum attraction for you.

With website our company wants to unite people from all over the world. In this regard, we are looking for representatives and provide them with an attractive interest rate of 11%.

The referral link of the representative will be placed directly in the list of representatives.

This week we will update the map to show the real coverage of our company and also will add more convenient navigation by countries.

If you want to support our company, we offer you also the opportunity to publish your payments not only on the websites of our ratings ( and forums, but also on official pages in social networks:

You can do this under any publication, adding your unique referral link to your transfer information.

Where to find your referral link you can see in this video:

With best regards,
Your team

Mar-31-2017 07:37:24 AM


Good Day!

We are pleased to announce that our representative program has begun to rapidly expand its geography. Only in the last week we were joined by representatives from 10 countries. Of these, there are Mexico, Turkey, Singapore, Colombia, Japan and Egypt. Now Zooo Proprietary Limited is officially represented in these countries also.

You can find a list of representatives on our website and contact any of them:

Thanks to this success and the development of the strategy “Humanity Success Evolution� in general, we made it possible to improve our investment proposal. We still offer up to 14% per day, but the bottom of the profitability is now equal to 2.2% of the passive net profit daily. Of course for all new and old investors of this plan. Deposits from as little as $50. So, you are welcome here. As well as in the After plan with $100 minimum and 750% return in 75 days.

We are sure that such results of our strategy and high popularity of the company will allow us not to stop at what has been achieved and not only to offer more benefits to private investors as a result, but also to create a real perspective for partners and regional representatives.

Our company has not only big ambitions, but also great resources needed for success. Join us now!

Mar-23-2017 02:05:37 PM


Dear friends!

A business conference of Edelweiss5 was held in one of the largest centers of Kazakhstan - Shymkent. The event was devoted to topical issues of renewable energy sources, increasing the growth rate of the efficiency of alternative energy in Kazakhstan and financing projects for the development of alternative energy of the future.
Thanks to the openness and friendly atmosphere of the event, all the speakers and guests willingly shared their experiences, entered discussions and shared their views on alternative energy. Already, we can talk about increasing the interest of investors, including foreign ones, to the projects of Renewable Energy Sources in Kazakhstan. In addition, each participant of the conference had the opportunity to get to know each other and talk with representatives of the company who advised all guests during the whole conference day. Traditionally, the company played prizes among visitors, the main one being the newest iPhone 7.
We are pleased to announce that we have passed another stage of development of the regional network of Edelweiss 5 in Kazakhstan - we have opened a new office in order to increase the availability of our services. This step confirms once again the stability of the company and proves the ability to achieve the most ambitious goals of long-term development. We will be glad to see you at the address: Shymkent, Kunayev Boulevard 21, BC "Altyn Orda" office 316. Tel. Number: +7 (778) 222-22-12 +7; (707) 422-22-12.
We thank all the guests and visitors of the event for their active participation and present to your attention the photo report from this event. Enjoy the sensations of the event together with us !!!

The Edelweiss 5.

Mar-16-2017 08:04:48 AM


Merchant Shares (MS) is under maintenance for a major upgrade to the new system.

We are registered in Dominica since 2007 and have operated online globally since 2014, and have tax exempt till 2027. So, we have seen our tax free future and a long growth together with our members.

We have been doing web advertising and financial funds management service since a couple of year. The Regulatory has exempted us for financial license if we operate online and outside Dominica country. Due to which we have been successfully operating for all the members around the world.

Someone that is an anti-MS entity who happened to be an attacker and wanted to send MS to a downfall, badly reported to payment methods and regulatory company stating, "MS has been doing financial business with no financial license". We have been forced by the regulatory to immediately stop the business. Payment method company terminated the agreement with us and have given us a couple of weeks to get things fixed up.

As a result, we urgently have to decide how we can build a long path towards financial success.
Our compliance department, consultant attorneys and other financial experts advised us to focus completely on web advertising company, which was being doing partially as web ads and does not require any financial license to operate.

Advertising company is accepted by almost all the payment methods without any further requirements of license to operate.

Here we decided to become a complete Advertising Company by changing the business model.
We are now transforming from a web ads and funds management in financial sectors to a complete web advertising company.

We have decided to pay a minimum daily return of 0.25% as promised till we get the site completely up and running as an Advertising Company, which will be happening in a couple of days.

Your level of trust on us makes us proud and makes us want to strive to become the number one company in the market.

We are trying our best to overcome the current situation as earliest as possible.
Thank you for understanding us and bearing with us.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,
Merchant Shares
Management Team

Follow us: Facebook Page/Group, Twitter, Google+

© Service Merchants Corp.

Mar-9-2017 05:35:28 PM


Nothing is Last Forever
We welcome Palmills investors!
Our news is always filled with positive, but not today. First of all, we want to say that we always make every effort to get a quality product that everyone would like to taste. We do our best to satisfy your needs and we never set a goal to deceive you or steal your money. However, today we are forced to admit defeat in the market of trust management. There are several factors immediately became the reason for this, which we could not take into account when developing the concept of investment project, and, honestly, we were not ready to solve such problems.
The main reason is that throughout the entire period of our work, we were repeatedly subjected to powerful DDoS attacks, which required large resources (and, consequently, lots of money) to fend off. Undoubtedly, you could pay attention to the slow operation of the website or problems with access to accounts last week. This was the result of attacks, which cost us very much. Several times our payment accounts were hacked by professional hackers. Despite reliable protection and involvement of experts in network security, hackers could steal dozen tens of thousands dollars. Of course, we did not publicize this problem and covered losses from our own pocket, considering this to be the most reasonable solution. Another reason is unprofessional conduct from our hosting company that suddenly relocated our server without notice to a new location and they broke our database, it's caused hundreds of our members got missing deposit, new registered member disappeared from our system and many members got double earnings.
The final nail in the coffin was put after launching the clone of our site - We did everything we could to prevent the work of the fake site: we wrote an official complaint to the domain registrar and also tried to contact the hosting service provider - OVH. Our appeal was ignored, no one wanted to take responsibility for the actions of the mossins. As a result, this completely undermined our reputation in the market, and currently, our customer support service is simply overwhelmed with tickets from deceived people who are not even our customers. Nevertheless, it did not become an obstacle for them to write negative reviews on numerous forums, websites, blogs, monitors. Unfortunately, we can not help them, and we suffer as much as they do.
Taking into account the above, we decided to announce the closure of Palmills project. We want to do this honestly and in detail explained the reasons for our decision. Sincerely we hope that you do not hold any evil on us and will take this news as manfully as we are.
Despite the difficulties in the work, many of our clients have excellent earned in Palmills project. Here is just a small list of our active users who still are in great profit:
Top 30 profitable investors:
1. $50.990 username: Wisnieski
2. $50.682 username: chinahouse88
3. $50.346 username: StarBTC
4. $48.120 username: rocketInvest
5. $46.990 username: AlRahman
6. $45.110 username: SUNPOWER
7. $40.211 username: davidy
8. $37.510 username: yamaguchi
9. $30.901 username: ElegantFrog
10. $27.401 username: cengkuksui
11. $23.001 username: skycapital
12. $19.490 username: nikolay.a
13. $13.300 username: Exionnk
14. $12.751 username: BC-GOD
15. $10.310 username: marseau93
16. $8.900 username: BTCWIZARD
17. $5.700 username: NghiemHungLieu
18. $3.873 username: mocoin
19. $3.464 username: honzaing
20. $3.198 username: szakal
21. $3.082 username: blackhedron
22. $2965 username: darolion
23. $2947 username: win4you
24. $2916 username: abdel17
25. $2747 username: santosa
26. $2581 username: bonuspack
27. $2275 username: kamper83
28. $2225 username: welcomejp
29. $2196 username: esperanto
30. $2143 username: TrinhinhMoi

Once again, we apologize and look forward to your understanding. We do not want to get the status of scammers and we leave the market honestly. If in the future we return to work, we will be glad to see you in our next projects.

Mar-9-2017 01:01:21 AM


Dear investors and visitors of our site! We would like to share with you our achievements.

Since the launch of our activity, we are already 2 months online! During this time the number of our investors has reached the mark of 4500 people! All together we have attracted investments in the amount of more than $350000. In addition to the amount of invested funds, we can be proud of another indicator. Our customers, who have started their cooperation since the first days, have already received 30% of net income on their first deposits.

We would like to thank you for your trust and fruitful cooperation. We wish you steady increasing income together with our company and constantly expanding team of your partners. Speaking about our company, we will continue improving the quality of our services and methods for funds placement in order to achieve the best conditions for passive income with online investments all over the world.

Sincerely, Team.

Уважаемые инвесторы и посетители нашего сайта! Мы хотим поделиться с вами нашими результатами.

С начала нашей активной деятельности в интернете прошло 2 месяца! За это время число наших инвесторов перешагнуло отметку 4 500 человек! Все вместе, мы смогли привлечь инвестиций на сумму более чем 350 000$. Кроме количества привлеченных средств, у нас есть и другой показатель. Наши клиенты, начавшие сотрудничесть с нами с самых первых дней, получили на сегодняшний день 30% чистой прибыли по первым своим депозитам.

Мы благодарим вас за оказанное нам доверие и плодотворное сотрудничество. Желаем вам иметь стабильно растущие доходы с нашей компанией, постоянно расширяющуюся команду своих партнеров. Со своей стороны, мы будем продолжать совершенствовать качество своих услуг и медоты размещения средств для достижения наилучших условий пассивного заработка от онлайн ивестиций по всему миру.

С уважением, Администрация

Mar-2-2017 12:02:15 AM



Trade BTC has been online for a little bit more than a week now and we would like to share with you some of our success so far. We currently have over 4200 registered members, much more than what we were expecting for our first week online, and we are full of new plans. To give you an idea, our goal for the first 30 days is to achieve 15000 registered members.

Now, please allow me to share some exciting updates:

Representatives System

As some of you requested, we have just implemented a system where new investors can be connected with a local representative in their country to help them invest in Trade BTC. If you are interested in representing Trade BTC in your country, please directly in our website, and get access to special referral commissions and promotional material.

For investors, we believe this is beneficial especially for new ones, but if you already have some experience, do not hesitate to contact your country's representative to share your experience and discuss new ideas for Trade BTC.

Trade BTC available in other languages

We have just hired a team of translators, and Trade BTC will be available in the following languages in the next few weeks: Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French and Italian. We made this decision based on the location of our users, and will continue to add new languages as needed.

New Funding Options

As some of you requested, we are adding new payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. We will add Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin and Zcash very soon. We are already setup and are running some technical tests before making these new methods available for all users.

Video Review Bonus

In order to know our investors better, we decided to launch a new project where you can submit a video review of your Trade BTC experience, and in exchange, we will give you a bonus deposit directly to your account.

The guidelines for your video can found here and we have two types of bonus available:

USD 5.00 for a video review where you don't show your face USD 10.00 for a video review where you do show your face Coming Up Next

As I mentioned earlier, our goal within the next three weeks is to have 15000 investors and collect at least 750,000 dollars in total deposits, which will represent a big increase in our investment pool and will open up new possibilities of investment strategies for us. The crypto trading industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it could not be in better shape than it is right now.


Please keep sending your feedback about what you would like to see available on Trade BTC and we will make our best to turn it into reality. We have resources and the will to make this project the biggest crypto currency investment portal this industry has ever seen, and we need your input to make it happen.

I wish all of you a great week, and thank you for being a part of this!

Best regards,

Mar-2-2017 12:01:05 AM


Dear Clients,

In last seven days, we have been facing the slow connection issue because of the significant increase in new users and visitors. To resolve the issue, we have to reduce the wallet histories, pending the launch of the XB-Manager, and prepare a new more powerful server.

Data migration schedule:
Starting from Saturday 25, 2017, 17:00 GMT, until Sunday 26, 2017, 17:00 GMT.

During the migration, you cannot access the X-Binary Ltd website, but don't worry. We make a hard decision to take a downtime to resolve the issue. We hope all of our clients keep calm and do not panic about the downtime during migration, and share this information to all of your networks.

Best regards,
X-Binary Ltd CEO
Feb-24-2017 05:35:32 PM

Feb-26-2017 04:10:00 AM


It is a great pleasure to report you that our online investment service is working 444 days. Thanks to our online investment service, we have been reached serious results in our main activity. And we aren't going to stop on such beautiful number of days.
For this period, 48429 clients trust us their funds and invested $60,756,744.14 and withdrew $27,785,364.80.

We also want to inform you that we have changed structure of our affiliate bonuses. Now it has 3 levels and you may earn 5% from deposit of your referral who made deposit under you. And 2% and 1% from deposits, respectively if your referral has referrals under him.

We also set up our social networks representative pages:
Facebook -
Twitter -

In the nearest future we are planning to improve our support service and start online chat and phone support.
Stay tuned our company news. We hope that you enjoy with our services.

Yours faithfully,
CME Trades Limited

Feb-20-2017 11:52:50 PM