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Dear partners of financial platform Mexeer!

Our greetings to you on the upcoming holidays!

The past year was full of serious programs, interesting updates, and they all brought positive and profitable results for you and for our platform.

Successful results of 2016 would have been impossible without the coordinated work of a team, without effort, support and initiatives of each user of the system.

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Greetings on Upcoming holidays!

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Bitcoin Still Rising but Ripple Won the Day

Markets Today: Bitcoin Still Rising but Ripple Won the Day
By Kofi Akosah - December 9, 2016 6939 11

It is rousing times for the bitcoin and crypto community as the markets continue their buoyant streak. Only two coins suffered a dip with the rest appreciating encouragingly with one, in particular, gaining 7.50% at the top 10 today.

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Bitcoin Rising… As Predicted?

Japan Satori Coin BitcoinAt 18:00 GMT Thursday Bitcoin was still bullish, recording a 0.48 percentage rise to close at $775, against yesterday’s $766.67. Interestingly, Saxo Bank’s Chief Economist Steen Jakobson had predicted a $2000+ bitcoin price for 2017.

Meanwhile Eth is rallying along invigoratingly, capturing 0.83% upward adjustment. Exchanges had it listed at $8.39. Ether’s recovery is great news for its investors and enthusiasts.

Wait! There is more! Ripple made the biggest gain of the day with a 7.50% rise – a laudable improvement from yesterday’s 2.7% to remain at number three. Its market price was $0.007146 compared to $0.006651 in the last 24 hours.

Don’t Forget Ethereum Classic

What a sunny day on the market as resilient Litecoin kept the tempo. With an exchange rate of $3.59, it appreciated by 2.29 percentage points to be among the top four.

Monero kept its 5th position with a slight gain posting 1.64% and a $7.78 rate because its last listing was $7.49. Apparently, Monero wasn’t affected by all the smell of exit scam.

Ethereum ClassicEther’s younger brother Ethereum classic didn’t disappoint either by maintaining its 6th position even though its appreciation was lower than the previous day’s listing. It closed at $0.825959 with a positive 0.73%.

The number seven spot was held by Dash with a mixed feeling of a slight decrease in its gains from yesterday, but an upsurge in its exchange rate a little bit. It was selling at $8.75 with a 0.08% payoff.

At number eight was a spectacular rating from social media challenger Steem, which put smiles on the faces of its followers. A 1.10% growth made up for the embarrassing 17.24% dip on Wednesday. Its market value rate was $0.229909 per CoinMarketcap.

Augur and Nem kept number their 9th and 10th positions respectively intact. Noteworthily, the two were the only two cryptocurrencies in the top ten to plummet today.

Augur lost it by negative 1.86% and offered for sale at $3.22. NEM did -0.96% with a value of $0.003394.

Notable Cryptocurrencies of the Day

There are sagacious investment opportunities beyond the top 10 of the cryptocurrency Market as well. Safe exchange is rated 59th but registered an awe-inspiring 285.15%. Try and get your hands on some.

And HiCoin is not satisfied yet. It keeps rising, and this time around it was at 82.13% from 69.88% and positioned at number 70. Another Coin to watch out for is Swisscoin – 42.74% reap.

Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

Do you hold or trade the cryptocurrencies on this list? Let’s hear about your experiences in the comments below.

Dec-22-2016 08:38:52 AM


The Representative program is an advanced form of the normal affiliate program. With the representative program, you earn 10% in affiliate commission.

For you to be accepted as our representative, you need to have the ability to promote and support our Bitcoin mining platform in your region through various means, such as personal blog, seminars, meeting with clients, etc. If this sounds like what you can do, then send an email with your personal details to Your personal details should contain the following information: full name, email, country, username, city, and your messenger ID (Skype/Yahoo/ICQ etc.). We will get back to you in as little time as possible, once we have received your request.

Best Regards,
BitCoin Laboratory

Dec-20-2016 12:44:42 AM


Dear Investors,

I want to congratulate everyone on 100 Days Online.  This is quite an accomplishment.  95% of investment programs would have been dead and gone right now.  But we have a rare combination of dedicated members and dedicated management of our program.  It has been my pleasure to serve you and provide a place for people to earn.  Bitcoin is rising almost daily increasing our portfolio and your wealth, good days ahead.  Back tomorrow with Referral Contest Standings.  Have a Great Day!

Mathias Kirkwood

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We are very pleased to carry great news to all our members as it is really impressive to know that Incredible 5 is growing rapidly.

Today Incredible 5 is celebrating its 1st month online! This period was rich in events, not always positive but still we managed to overcome problems and became stronger and more mature.
Day by day we try hard to become the best investment program among  all others, now we are proudly serving more than one thousand clients around the World.

We want to underline some important points which to our mind are logical results of our successful activity:
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You should know that we are always nurturing our program and we  will keep making every effort to succeed where others have failed.

Thank you & best wishes.
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