☆ How To Protect Your Passwords From Hacking

At the beginning of the investment, it is desirable to have a separate e-mail. It is necessary to not spam your main inbox. Email best start to GMAIL. On the other mail services letter may not reach. Also on GMAIL can install a two-stage authentication (recommended). This greatly complicate hacking your mailbox.

Never use the same password for registration in several investment projects. Passwords and PINs in a high-yield investment program must be unique. Do not use PINs unpretentious, like 1234, 0000 and so on, they are very easy to pick up.

Use online services to generate passwords. Summarized password will consist of a randomly combinations of letters and numbers that make it more reliable. Store passwords on a computer can be a simple notebook or use of special services (eg: LastPass, KeePass and 1Password).

Try not to shine your passport. The HYIP is useless. Sometimes there are cases when the administrator refuses to make the payment, if you do not it will throw off scan passports. In this case, strongly I do not recommend it. In 99.9% of cases, this means that the project will soon be closed and the payment will not be, but if you give a scan of your passport, it will be a walk on the Internet.

Be sure to install on your computer a reliable antivirus (for example: Kaspersky or ESET NOD32), otherwise all stored passwords can steal some kind of Trojan horse.

Also important is the protection of your electronic purse. In each of the electronic payment system has a number of proposals for the security of your account. Often it is binding on the wallet phone number and e-mail. The Perfect Money, for example, you can still use the code card.