☆ The Golden Rules

The Golden Rules

As more and more web users realize the potential money that could be earned online, the number of HYIPs (High Yield Income Programs) are growing in numbers. However, this also means that there are an increasing number of frauds and scams on the internet. The problem is that investors fail to follow the Golden Rules of HYIP Investing. To prevent any future heartbreak, here are ten simple rules.

The Golden Rules are not just made up; they have been developed during years of participation in HYIP and are tested by the most effective method of trial and errors. Observing the Golden Rules you get a possibility to minimize the risks, maximize your profit and avoid fraud to the extent possible. I would like to share with you.

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
This is a rule I can not stress enough. The wisest thing you can do when investing online is to spread the money around over multiple programs. Invest in three or four different HYIPs, that way, if one of them ever fails, you have several more programs to back you up and recuperate your losses. When testing out a new program, even a reliable one, always put in a small amount at first to test it out. Even if you find a reliable high-interest program, do not put all your funds into it because even the most dependable programs can fail at any moment.

2. Never invest more money than you can afford.
This might be a bit obvious, but please do not invest your life savings into an HYIP. Don’t let your online investments cut into your living expenses. The idea of investing is to use extra money which you usually use on luxury goods. Remember, there is always risk in HYIPs. Do not risk what you need.

3. Never risk money you are afraid to lose.
Like rule three, investing should be done with extra cash, not cash you are afraid to lose. If you are saving up for a brand new car or that tropical vacation, do not use up these funds and hope that your programs will earn you even more cash. Think of your investment project as a game, put in what you are willing to risk and don’t really care about.

4. Analyze the details of the project you are interested in.
Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about the program you are interested in, the better off you will be. You must understand the popularity, the current situation, and the financial power of the program in order to minimize your risks. Always read the FAQs and the terms of payment carefully. You may discover some terms which may put you in a very unfavourable position. Communicate with other investors and the admin is recommended in order to get a wider perspective of what you’ll be putting your money into. Keep in mind that carefully researching information is not only essential before investing, but also during the investment process.

5. Keep your personal information a secret.
Keep as much of your personal information a secret. The less information hackers know about you, the lower the chance of you losing your money. In fact, you might want to change passwords regularly. Avoid using the same password for different accounts/programs and select difficult passwords which you can remember. Also, have anti-virus software and a firewall to prevent any key loggers from stealing your personal data. This is your money, protect it.

6. Don’t try too hard with getting referrals.
No matter how much a HYIP offers for referrals, never under any circumstances spam or trick others so you can recruit them into the program. Nothing ruins the reputation of an HYIP faster than an irritating spammer. Another thing I would like to mention, programs that offer a tremendous amount (over 10%) for a referral is most likely a scam, so don’t get too excited with high commission rates.

7. Greed is not your friend.
Although greed and ambition will lead you to success, don’t let it overwhelm and blind you. It is wise to find the perfect balance and never to be too greedy. It is unwise to mortgage your house and take loans just to acquire funding for that HYIP with the 200% daily interest rate. Don’t take unreasonable risks in the pursuit of wealth. Moderation is the key to success.

8. Nothing lasts forever.
That’s right, nothing lasts forever. It’s a mathematical fact, eventually, all HYIPs will collapse. Everyday for the program is another step towards its unavoidable destruction. So don’t expect your programs to run forever because they won’t. There are some program options which lock your investments for five months or more in exchange for high interest rates. I would recommend you to avoid these incase of an unexpected closure.

9. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities.
Your online journey to financial freedom is not a straight path. It’s a continually changing road with many twists and turns. Know that constant expansion of a program is impossible and no HYIP will last forever, we must always be on the lookout of new HYIPs and opportunities. Never be afraid to try new programs.

10. Do not compound your interest until you have earned your deposit back.
This reduces the likelihood of you losing money as some programs do not survive for long, especially those without sound business plans.