Caribbean Dream

Attention to all users and partners!

Our Holding Karibian Dream moves to a self-written script by our programmers.

New script opens great opportunities in marketing and affiliate program.

When copying the user base, all passwords of investors and partners will be canceled.

All users of the site need to recover the password via the Forgot Password form.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are getting stronger and improving the technical part every day.

Caribbean Dream holding team is pleased to inform you that we are taking our business to the next level!

We have 222 days of successful work under our belt and this is only the beginning of a long journey that we overcome together with you, our investors. Thanks to constant support from investment funds and private investors, we manage to achieve all the goals we have set.

Today we are pleased to inform you that the site and personal account have a new design, investment offers and an affiliate program. All this will enable you to earn more and motivate you to develop an affiliate structure, enjoying a pleasant and at the same time easy-to-use interface. Go to our official website and start building a successful career in the Caribbean Dream!

Feb-9-2019 02:38:49 PM