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Roly Investment

Dear Investor,
In this weekly Newsletter 02/2017 we would like to introduce a lot of fresh new topics which will definitely change the way you used our website before. It will be more secure and you will get a lot of new stuff for your partners!
- A lot of you out there wrote us E-Mails or via Live Chat to finally embed Google Authenticator for more safety! In the course of the day the implementation will be ready and everyone can start using Google Authenticator. WE RECOMMEND THE USE FOR EVERYONE!
- Maybe you noticed the popup in your personal backend with our multi language challenge videos and multi language advertising banners. You can also see the advertising banners under “Publicity Material” in your Backend and you can see the implementation code for each banner for your website.
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: At the moment, many emails and website are in circulation which are not officially of Roly Investment LTD. Our only official Website Adress is: and our E-Mails just have this E-Mail address:
Please be careful and contact our support team if you discovered a new website or E-Mail.

Sep-13-2017 12:04:46 PM