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Forex Variation

Dear partners, investors and friends of the company.

Answer the simple question: Is the year of stable work a lot or a little?

For us, this is an important date, the first step, after which we can turn back and assess our successes. Perhaps, the main thing for us is our satisfied customers. Do not need superfluous words and promises - it is much more important to fulfill your obligations, work for conscience and good result.

On the 1st of November, the investment company Forex Variation Limited celebrates its first birthday.

We want to share the holiday with our partners and customers.

In the period from October 22 to October 31 we will add +10% to any deposits amount*. The bonus will be credited to the balance automatically.

We will give gifts on our birthday. Each investor has a unique number on the system. With these numbers, using the random number generator on the 1st of November we will raise $3000 between all active investors**.

1 place - 1000 $
2 place - 500 $
3rd place - $ 300
4-10 places - 200 $

We do not promise millions - but we constantly think about our customers. A stable income from the trusted company is more important than a thousand words.

Share the joy of the holiday together with Forex Variation.

*The bonus is calculated on the deposit amount up to $5000. Even if you invest more - you will be credited with the maximum $500 bonus. The bonus is accrued on the balance within 12 hours after the deposit.

**In this offer will participate investors with active deposits from $100.

Oct-23-2017 08:49:19 AM