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Bitcoin, the collapse or not?!
Interesting facts at the forum in Davos! World Mining in Switzerland!

At the Swiss forum in Davos, the crypto currency was not very much appreciated. Daniel Flatcher, the CAO (Director of the Analytical Department) of World Mining Company, assisted at the forum.

American billionaire and financier George Soros called the crypto currency "a bubble that is not a stable mean of accumulation." That caused a lot of indignation from the leadership of World Mining.

According to him, while there are dictatorial regimes "on the rise" in the world, the governments of such countries will invest in bitcoins to equip themselves with a "nest" abroad. At the same time, the billionaire positively assessed the blockchain technologies.

Daniel Flatcher, in response to his words, made it clear that over the past 10 years such aphorisms have already been heard by many. And no matter how he himself wanted this nest and propagates in favor of himself and his entourage.

There were also disputes in terms of cloud mining, Daniel highly estimated that World Mining is the only Company in the world that diversifies all risks.

According to him, we are the only mining Company in the world that does not operate in bitcoins, but directly in dollars, taking into account all the risks in the world of mining!

As noted by Lewis Fellas, who founded the Bletchley Park Asset Management company aimed at the crypto currency in 2016, this year he is very cautious about crypto assets. "The market for most coins is in a very stressful state," he says.

According to Lee Robinson, investors are changing their strategies because of the activity of financial regulators. They are concerned about the financial bubbles that fuel the price of crypto currency.

There is an active struggle with such bubbles in Asia. In early January, according to analysts, the harsh rhetoric of South Korean Justice, Minister Pak San-Guy provoked a drop in the rates of a number of crypto currencies, including bitcoin.

He stated his intention to prohibit operations with crypto currency on local exchanges. According to him, the Department is already preparing the corresponding bill.

Our Company management will often visit similar forums. Follow the news in the world of crypto currencies with World Mining.

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