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What is the situation on the crypto-currency market: important events of the month

Hello, dear partners of World Mining. At your request, we let you know about current situation on the crypto-currency market.

We have gathered main news for you:

• Soon there will be the presentation of the development from Coinbase - a platform for obtaining coins of hard forks will take place.

• George Soros Foundation announced plans to start trading in crypto-currencies.

• There appeared a Monero hard fork. The change was carried out on the block 1546000.

• There appears a huge network of retail stores, where only crypto-currency is accepted as a payment method.

Today, Bitcoin slightly rose in price: by 0.13-0.29%. Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash are becoming more expensive.

World Mining analysts warn that this growth is temporary, users need to prepare for further decline.

The rate will continue to be adversely affected by the information wave about the prohibition of extensions for mining in the Google Chrome browser, as well as the concerted actions of corporations aimed at reducing.

The forecast in the medium term is more optimistic. Analysts of World Mining say: "Have patience, strengthen your positions and move forward. By the end of spring you will see the first positive signals."

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Apr-12-2018 04:38:10 AM