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Dear partners and customers,

We should remind you that 5 days are left until the distribution of New Year's gifts is over.

On January 13, 2019, at 00:00 according to the Dominant Finance server’s time, this promotion will be over.

Every company’s customer, when replenishing his/her Transit Account before the promotion is over, receives a gift bonus of 3%, 7% or 10% to the replenishment amount.

Read more about the gift receiving conditions here:

For example, if you replenish your account with $5.000, you will receive a gift bonus of 7% ($350 as a gift!).

If you replenish your account with $20.000, you will receive a gift bonus of 10% ($2.000 as a gift!).

Thus, you automatically increase your income by 5%, 7% or 10%!

Dear friends, only 5 days are left until this unprecedented promotion is over.

Use this magical time to your advantage!

Sincerely yours,
Dominant Finance

Jan-14-2019 02:58:14 AM


Opening our doors for the wide public.

Today we are glad to announce the long anticipated launch of our new online investing platform: RapidInterest. It is fully operational and available for the general public of investors. We would like to thank our partners support and dedicated technical department that have made this concept come alive. It has been a long way up and still a long way to go, it took us nearly 5 years offline to finally develop our trading strategies to offer such amazing long terms ROI's for our future members.
In RapidInterest "everyone can afford to have a fortune", it is a motto we're motivated to maintain and we deeply believe in our ability to improve your life. You are welcome to open a portfolio and start investing for as low as $25. Sign up here it is free and secure (takes about a minute). We intend to grow our online activity and provide one of the best financial services in the world.

Jan-9-2019 06:18:58 AM



Today Jan 7, 2019 it gives us much pleasure to finally announce the grand launch of site, a platform for digital funds management.

After long term of careful planning and efforts, it’s ready for use. Everyone are welcomed to Join Us and benefit from our Lucrative Plans. The site was built with safety and ease of use in mind, so it's Secure yet offers a variety of popular payment options.

Furthermore, an experienced staff was specifically trained to help our members at any given time and with any question or issue occurred. Please feel free to read about the investment plans we have to offer you, and explore our site unique features. We truly hope you will enjoy your financial experience with!

Jan-9-2019 06:16:17 AM

Dominant Finance

Dear Dominant Finance customers,

Today, we want to share with you the joyful news. In connection with the Dominant Finance holiday season from December 29, 2018 to January 13, 2019, according to numerous requests from the company's customers, we decided to extend the distribution of New Year's gifts until the end of the holiday season.

Thus, by replenishing your Dominant Finance Transit Account until January 13, 2019, you will receive gift bonuses in accordance with the replenishment amount:

▪️ When replenishing your account from $100 to $1.000 – 3% gift bonus
(for example: if you have replenished your account with $1.000, the company will additionally credit $30 to your Transit Account)

▪️ When replenishing your account from $1.001 to $10.000 – 7% gift bonus
(for example: if you have replenished your account with $10.000, the company will additionally credit $700 to your Transit Account)

▪️ When replenishing your account from $10.001 and more – 10% gift bonus
(for example: if you have replenished your account with $20.000, the company will additionally credit $2.000 to your Transit Account)

Dear customers, we appreciate your opinion and desire to use this great opportunity as long as possible. We hope that today's news will inspire you and your partners to work actively on the eve of the new operating season, which will begin very soon, on January 14, 2019.

Congratulations on this joyful news and thank you for your partnership.

Sincerely yours,
Dominant Finance

Jan-6-2019 09:30:20 AM

Dominant Finance

Dear Dominators,

Congratulations on the upcoming 2019 year! In the New Year, we wish you creative and financial growth, successful and profitable trades, as well as reliable and responsible partners. We hope that in the New Year our business relations will become stronger, bringing good results to all of us.

Let us thank you, dear customers, for being with us all this time. You had the opportunity to actually see our professionalism and, of course, a responsible attitude towards all our clients.

May the coming 2019 year meet all your expectations, be full of new discoveries and impressions, and bring stability and prosperity. Good health, happiness, joy and well-being to you and your loved ones!

Congratulations and thank you for your partnership.

Sincerely yours,
Dominant Finance

Jan-2-2019 02:27:38 AM


Business Models Should Be ‘Re-Imaged’ for Blockchain, Says Barclays Rep
A Intrapreneur from financial services giant Barclays has expressed the idea that blockchains should be built with regulatory compliance in mind, tech news website The Next Web (TNW) reported
Speaking at a Hard Fork Decentralized event, Barclays’ Julian Wilson stated that when building blockchains, developers need to “reconfigure our approach and way of thinking.” Wilson argued that not all business models require blockchains and that the tech should not be used, as TNW paraphrased his words, “as bolt-ons or additions to current business models.”
TNW also reports that Wilson presented an integrated concept of regulation and development, arguing that “to make a blockchain legally compliant, it should be built with the law in mind, and not the other way around.”
Speaking about using blockchain at Barclays, he noted that for a bank with over 300 years of activity, changing its business model to a blockchain-based one would not be simple, and that a blockchain solution would need to be “bespoke.”
As Cointelegraph reported in August, Barclays sponsored a blockchain hackathon to explore the technology’s potential in the processing of derivatives contracts.
While this summer Barclays denied plans to open a cryptocurrency trading desk, the banking giant demonstrated interest in crypto and blockchain tech recently, filing two digital currency and blockchain patents with the United States patent office in July.
We are doing our best to make your using of this website as convenient as possible and going to make significant steps towards achieving our strategic goals, while you may become wealthier and happier through making profit from our investment opportunities!

Thank you for staying with us.

Dec-23-2018 03:25:24 PM


The 300-Special - Don’t miss out!
Dear Community, 💎

in the last month, CryptoLux has made a lot of progress! This can also be seen in our statistics! 📈

A new milestone has been reached:
300.000 Users are now registered in CryptoLux! Now, we have a total amount of investment packages of 340.000 with a total volume of over 21 Million USD!

Without you, we wouldn’t be able to achieve such huge milestones!

💠 300-Special 💠
From today, the 1st December to the 3rd December on Monday, we will increase the duration of the investment packages to 300% instead of 150% when you invest at least $300

1) Invest $300 in a Crypto Trading Package
2️) Get a package which ends at 300%

🔹 Twice as much more income without any new investment
🔹 Four times as much profit as normal
🔹 Longer passive and safe income stream

Don’t miss the chance! The 300-Special ends in the 3rd of December!

Dec-8-2018 08:50:53 AM

Dominant Finance

Hello, dear customers of Dominant Finance.

Dominant Finance is an example of honest business, transparent partnership conditions and openness to all our customers and partners.

All clients and partners of Dominant Finance know who the company’s President Thomas Eklundh is. But very few people understand how openly he conducts his activities and how much he values every member of our company.

Last week, a frank video was recorded in the central Moscow office of Dominant Finance, where Thomas Eklundh spoke about the relevance of mining and cryptotrading for the next 2-3 years.

What will happen with these markets in 2-3 years?

Watch the new video and find out this:

Dear partners,

Be sure to share this video with your potential customers and partners: on blogs, YouTube channels and social networks. Wherever you work with people and want to get results, this video can bring you hundreds of new investors and active partners, as it answers the most important questions of most interested people.

Best Regards,
DF Customers Department

Dec-6-2018 03:07:37 AM

WestLand Storage

Many of our clients share their success stories with us. Some have become investors and have a constant flow of income from real estate investments, and others work with partners and receive commission. There are also those that organize conferences, podcasts, etc, and are considered leaders among WestLand Storage clients.

Valdis was one of the first to organize a WestLand Storage conference in his city. This event peaked his interest and he is now of the most loyal and active clients we have. He sent us a video that he would like to share with you. We hope you like it!

Nov-18-2018 04:39:21 AM

DER Global Limited


In the preparation of celebration of the first year online of we prepare many new features which you already may see and one of them is regional representative program.
We offer a great opportunity to make much more profit with your partners and using our exclusive terms.

Learn more about becoming a regional representative of

If you need any advice and you want to ask independent person, please find a regional representative in your country:

We also prepared a commercial that describes our referral system. You may find it in our brand new YouTube channel:

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited

Nov-12-2018 06:27:11 AM