Dominant Finance

Dear investors and partners of Dominant Finance,

We are glad to inform you about coming of a joyful company’s event, which will take place in a few days. On October 5-8, the first international leadership meeting of Dominant Finance will be held in Moscow. The meeting will be attended by 20 most active company’s distributors from 9 countries such as USA, Germany, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

At this meeting, which will be held for two days, there will be present the company’s management and first persons, we will all meet and get acquainted, discuss our plans for further development, give presents to our leaders, visit the Moscow office of Dominant Finance, conduct an excursion around our mining farm, and, of course, we will make an exciting tour of the great city of Moscow, which will add bright colors to the life of every leader who has come to this meeting.

All instructions and the program of events on October 5-8 have already been sent to the e-mail addresses of our leaders. For more information, please contact our Partner Relations Department at:

Best Regards,
Partners Relationship Department

Oct-5-2018 06:02:30 AM