The 300-Special - Don’t miss out!
Dear Community, 💎

in the last month, CryptoLux has made a lot of progress! This can also be seen in our statistics! 📈

A new milestone has been reached:
300.000 Users are now registered in CryptoLux! Now, we have a total amount of investment packages of 340.000 with a total volume of over 21 Million USD!

Without you, we wouldn’t be able to achieve such huge milestones!

💠 300-Special 💠
From today, the 1st December to the 3rd December on Monday, we will increase the duration of the investment packages to 300% instead of 150% when you invest at least $300

1) Invest $300 in a Crypto Trading Package
2️) Get a package which ends at 300%

🔹 Twice as much more income without any new investment
🔹 Four times as much profit as normal
🔹 Longer passive and safe income stream

Don’t miss the chance! The 300-Special ends in the 3rd of December!

Dec-8-2018 08:50:53 AM