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Dominant Finance

Dear Customers and Partners,

As you probably know, our company is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. And right after the first milestone event in Vietnam, the next large scale event is planned to be held in Malaysia.

If you are based in Kuala Lumpur, take advantage of this opportunity and attend the first Dominant Finance business presentation in Malaysia which will take place already tonight.

◘ Date: 29th August 2018

◘ Location: Ara Partners Event Place, Melawati, KL

◘ Schedule: Registrations: 8:30 - 8:55 pm | Main program starts at 9:00 pm

Happy earnings with Dominant Finance!

Aug-29-2018 05:08:23 AM

WestLand Storage

Meet Monero - The safest cryptocurrency

The website of our company is moving forward and developing, adding new functionality and improving all important aspects of the work, so that the clients of the company can comfortably and conveniently work with us. Today we are taking another important step to improve our company and add a new cryptocurrency, available for investment - Monero!

Monero is the safest cryptocurrency among others. It is built on its own algorithm based on the CryptoNote protocol and has a well-deserved reputation as the most anonymous cryptocurrency, because it is well ahead of the rest of the digital assets when it comes to the high degree of decentralization and confidentiality in the network.

Learn more about this from our blog
Yours faithfully,
Customer manager John Goodman.

Aug-19-2018 05:18:15 AM

Trade Professional Ltd

Dear Trade Professional Ltd company clients,

The president of the Trade Professional Ltd company welcomes you, first of all I want to bring my honest apologies for the disruptions with the online platform and make clear the current situation.
Firstly, Trade Professional Ltd is the finance company, our major professionals are economists, investors, analysts.
For a large online system - we needed a knowledgeable as well as reputable group of specialists in the area of Web services. Unfortunately, individuals hired for this task couldn't manage their duties.
In addition, this team made vital errors in the administration of the solution, in a very hard economic duration worldwide - all sources were routed to the financial activities of the company.
For us, safety and security of funds and also steady earnings are key jobs.
After the brand-new year, we took an active training course to replace the vector in the direction of offering exclusive customers.
During this time, the company's administration carried out an in-depth evaluation of the market and also drew in responsible and also expert employees to service the Internet solution.
Additionally, our group was signed up with by a significant online job administration expert that will take over the administration of the brand-new departments, such as: customer support department, technical assistance department, advertising and marketing division, economic department.
If you have any concerns, troubles or difficulties, you can get in touch with the new customer support department at the contacts detailed on the website and also in the basement of the letter.
In case of lack of comments or various other troubles, please get in touch with the new head of online direction personally (Jacob Moore).
Once more, I say sorry from myself and also all the workers of the company if you have actually experienced any trouble.

Aug-10-2018 03:51:57 PM

DDFutures Trading Limited


It is a great pleasure to report you that our online investment service is working 555 days.
Thanks to our online investment service, we have been reached serious results in our main activity. And we aren't going to stop on such beautiful number of days.
For this period, 72382 clients trust us their funds and invested $414,125,047.42 and withdrew $268,354,811.60.

Stay tuned our company news. We hope that you enjoy with our services.

Yours faithfully,
DDFutures Trading Limited

Jul-9-2018 08:47:31 AM


Dear customers,

Wherever in the world you may be, we hope you are doing well, and are proud to welcome you to the very first Mineiro newsletter! Everyone here on the team is delighted to be opening our doors to the public after a long, dedicated development phase.

It’s been a fantastic path to get to this point yet this is only the beginning. And when we say that we’re thrilled you could join us – we really mean it.

The world of crypto mining is confusing, expensive and elitist. At Mineiro, our goal was to end these prejudices. Crypto mining success with zero hassle – that is the ethos behind Mineiro and we’ve made it, bringing crypto enthusiasts of every level the unique opportunity to master this exclusive, lucrative realm.

You are the latest to join our thriving global community but by no means the last – prepare to enjoy the potent benefits of crypto mining without needing to spend any of the time, knowledge or money that it used to cost. Purely profit!

Mineiro consists of a small yet leading team of professionals dedicated to maximising returns on your purchased hashing power. Our diverse team of pro crypto miners and market analysts use the world’s most advanced mining hardware to access a diverse, unbiased portfolio featuring the world's most popular cryptocurrencies – mining right so you win big.

And thanks to our generous referral platform, it’s never been more profitable to bring your friends in. For every deposit made by your referrals, you stand to make up to 5%. It’s pays to shout about Mineiro!

That’s all for now – we’re just delighted you could join us and play a part in this exciting journey. Stay tuned for our upcoming newsletters that will feature all of the latest Mineiro news as well as many exclusive opportunities for our members to add to their luck!

Until then, happy mining!

Best regards,
The Mineiro Team

Jul-2-2018 08:17:20 AM

DDFutures Trading Limited

Dear Clients!
The way of payment details updating has been changed. Now you may change your payment details on 'Edit account' page with confirmation code that you receive on your email address.
From now on you don't need to contact us with the answer to your security question.
Please keep secure your email to prevent any third party accessing it.

Jul-2-2018 08:15:51 AM

DDFutures Trading Limited

We would like to report you about our monthly updates. The most significant development of DDF was migration to a new much powerful server which may handle much more calculations and transactions in a second. We had to do it because capability of our previous one was no longer enough.

Now we may say with full confidence that we are ready for further growth of DDF and we set an ambitious next goal – is to reach 1 billion of total deposited funds by our clients.

We continue developing of our service and make it better every day. We have implement two-factor authentication which may significantly increase security of accounts of our clients.

As we promised we have started translating our web site to other languages. The most part is in the developing state, but we had time to present our clients from Russia the Russian version of DDF and it is very symbolic that we start it in the National day of Russia.
Other languages, such as German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese etc. will be ready in the nearest time.

And as it has become a tradition, we present you a new graphic promo commercial about DDF.
Please watch it in our YouTube channel:

Jun-16-2018 08:00:05 AM

DDFutures Trading Limited

We would like to report you that our online investment service is working 500 days.
We are grateful our clients who investing with the help of our company during this period of time.
DDF have reached new highs and at the moment more than 57349 clients trust us and invested more than $196,000,000. We have paid out already nearly $111,515,551 and this is not the limit.

We are moving forward to be the best on the market.

What ate the latest news?

We have started new Facebook page -
Please follow us to be tuned to the company news.
But anyway, please don’t forget about other our mass media, such as telegram channel – and twitter -

As you know, earlier we started our YouTube channel - and uploaded some promo materials of DDF.
Today, we uploaded a new one which we called “Our terms beneficial because allow your assets to grow” -

Also, earlier we have started our Regional representative program, and already we have wide net of representatives from all over the wold.
If you need any advice and you want to ask independent person, please ask our representatives:

If you trust our company and would like to recommend your friends or partners, you may become our representative:
In the previous uploaded video you may learn more about our referral system and benefits of our representatives:

In our nearest plans - opening of additional branches worldwide, translating our web site and setting up live support on other languages.

Please stay tuned our company news. We hope that you enjoy with our services.

Yours faithfully,
DDFutures Trading Limited

May-15-2018 06:33:07 AM

DDFutures Trading Limited

Dear Clients!

We have two great announcements for today.

Firstly, we started our Telegram channel - so now it is much easier to keep the track of events.

Secondly, it is a great pleasure to announce that we started a Regional Representative program!
Are you interested in working in ambitious and steadily growing international company?
That is your opportunity!
Do you know responsibilities of the Regional Representative?
- consulting clients on the services of the company;
- attracting new customers to the company;
- holding regional advertising campaigns.

Here you may check list of our Regional Representatives.
All you need is to be an active investor (learn more on ‘FAQ’ page) and send us an email at with following information:

Subject: An application for regional representative
- Your country;
- Your name;
- Your username in;
- Your public email;
- Languages;
- Your phone number;
- Your Telegram/Skype/WhatsApp/Viber etc.
- Your accounts in social networks.

Learn more on How to become a representative page.

Yours faithfully,
DDFutures Trading Limited

Apr-24-2018 05:59:11 AM


The platform is gaining popularity

There’re more than 1000 active participants.
We launched an promo video in 3 available languages ​​and updated our bounty program. Shoot your video about creating an investment and get a 20% bonus to this investment.

Apr-23-2018 06:52:51 AM