What is a HYIP?

HYIP (from the English HYIP - High Yield Investment Program) - fraudulent project, similar to the high-yield investment fund. At the moment it is mainly online projects that work with electronic currency. Many HYIP can be divided into types: fast, medium, long-term.
Typically, high-yield investment program are financial pyramids, fabulous paying the interest due to new acquisitions and attract a large number of participants. Thus, there is replenishment with fresh money. Once the flow of money stops or it is not enough to meet current obligations, HYIP closed, all payments cease.
Conventional medium HYIP funds promise a yield of 1-3% per day. Such projects can live a very long time, about 6-9 months. It all depends on the purposes of the administrator of the Fund and the ability to unwind.
Fast HYIP (Fast HYIP) lives a very short time, but promises to investors by 5-50% per day. This type of investing is more like a roulette: lucky / not lucky.
Long-term HYIP (Long term HYIP) pays a small percentage of payments are much less common, not every day, as in the medium and fast HYIP, and about once a week.
For payments HYIPs typically use anonymous electronic payment systems such as Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, as well as Bitcoin and its forks. Sometimes it may even be a bank transfer.

What is SCAM?

SCAM - is planned bankruptcy of financial companies, in other words - a scam. It is understood that the legend of bankruptcy or the loss of a significant proportion of depositors funds can be a real or invented. In any case, investors are unlikely to get their money back.
Learn bankruptcy was planned or not - it is practically impossible, so in most cases the word scam online investors meant any bankruptcy of financial companies. If the company declares that a significant proportion of its investment capital lost as a result of a variety of events, we have before us scam in its traditional form.
It often happens that the top management investment company intentionally creates conditions to officially declare bankruptcy. The responsibility rests not on the shoulders of a specific person, the company is closed and the managers or administrators (if high-yield investment program) itself take the entire invested capital of investors.
Scam contains information on a possible fraud by the owners of certain Internet resources and e-mail addresses. In this case, SCAM called HYIPs that do not pay. Those. site functions, can even run those. support, but the payments are delayed to an indefinite period. As practice shows, the delay may last until the closure of the site. This concept is often used in the monitoring HYIP, HYIP monitor that efficiency projects. Apriori HYIP - this scam because it is fraudulent activity, but the English-language Internet has become the legislator of the definition of this term as not paying HYIP.
HYIPs are at different tricks to people in any case did not call it a bench and continued to invest. Some projects pay dividends selectively to different users, and monitoring. We faced such a problem. Many people write positive reviews about HYIP in which we lay the money, and he does not pay. They wrote more than one letter in support, but no one answered. This creates a battle of information between users. People receiving dividends spread positive reviews and screenshots of payments, and those who do not pay, strongly resent and criticize the project. Others do not understand what to do and put the money to check out. Here begins the roulette. Did you get into the number of people who have decided to pay the money HYIP is unknown. It is strongly recommended not to invest in projects that have a versatile one. You did not earn, but do not lose money. Do not forget that, sooner or later, 100% HYIP will SCAM.

What is HYIP Monitoring, why is it needed?

This website, like this one, which is HYIP rating based on the analysis of personal experience and monitoring administration. Monitoring provides various technical information that helps investors to choose HYIP investment. In addition, monitoring of payments shows the current status of the investment project and the regularity of payments. With the active deposit, monitoring also receives payments on a par with ordinary investors, in fact, on the basis of the payments and set the billing status. Also monitoring responds to complaints from investors about the problems with HYIP, make recommendations. On monitoring is a function of voting where every investor can put HYIP evaluation and comments, which will see the other users monitoring.

How to make money in HYIP?

When opening any HYIP, it is spending money on a website (hosting, script, design, advertising, etc.). From the size of costs depends on the period during which the HYIP will pay for them. HYIP Manager expects to receive more money than spent, and has not yet reached this objective, it will pay all depositors. Here in this time interval, and you can earn in HYIP. Some projects are working less than a week, and the other for 1-2 years before they stop paying, and it turns out that this is SCAM (English word, SCAM - deception). The HYIP earn real, but should be able to choose the projects, guided by signals, use a variety of strategies. The use of the referral system and RCB significantly accelerate the process of making a profit.

How to make money on the hyip?

One of the most frequently asked questions - how to earn on investing in hyip? You probably already looking for the answer to this question - and everywhere you can see the same - choose high-yield investment program with a good design, the technical part, a good plan. However, as practice shows - in hyip investing it is not that simple. There were many projects with expensive design and huge investments in the promotion - which deceived investors in a couple of days after the start. At the same time we remember the great HYIPs with a simple design and a lack of SSL-certificates - who worked for weeks or months. Generally hyip investing thing quite volatile and often seemingly proven strategies in practice do not work. Those who choose hyip earnings as the main - we recommend that you always keep abreast of news HYIP industry and follow the novelties and unusual trends in this area. Learn to understand the technical part of the site, in particular to define SSL-certificates, DDOS-protection, licensing scripts, compare, try different strategies, not to stand still. Some experienced HYIP investors do not use such diversification, but it certainly came with a lot of investment experience - and you need to understand that they can choose from a list hyip is promising projects. Hyip-investment - is a difficult and long journey of mistakes and disappointments, leading to the development of intuition, extensive experience and perspective to be a good plus with time.

Earnings on investments - this is real?

There are many types of earnings on investments, but we will talk about how this form - make money on the pyramids or earnings on HYIP. Every day there is a lot of investment projects that promise a short time to add to your high interest deposit. But very fast earnings, usually in 99% of cases is the only empty promises, and if mindlessly invest large sums of money in these projects - can quickly be left with nothing. In general, wages in the financial pyramids - is not for everyone, as to begin to understand this area and learn how to be in positive territory - may need more than one, or even two months. So if you want to seriously begin to engage in investing in HYIPs - be prepared that it will take time, thoughtful analysis and selectivity. For starters encourage you to read educational material on our website.

How to make the most profitable deposit?

Regarding HYIP, you can choose a marketing plan and 2000% on the month and receive a bonus on your first deposit, but if you can make money on this deposit - the big question. We are often asked - "how to choose a deposit?" "Where to open a deposit?" However, we try not to give such advice, because if the project closes, we'll be to blame. We recommend you to choose the project in which the best to open a deposit, do the analysis, check out the reviews on the Internet. And of course, remember - that the most profitable deposit is not always able to bring the most benefit. Usually the greatest interest are the investment plan with a large contribution to the minimum, so many projects once made several major contributions - simply disappear.

How much money is invested?

In determining the amount of the deposit is to take into account many factors, such as investor's experience, reliability HYIP, your financial ability and others. If you are a beginner, then, of course, is to start with small amounts. You will begin to receive a percentage, to increase their capital, and then it will be possible to think of something more serious. A good option is also investing small amounts in different HYIPs that will allow you to get a good amount of interest, but it is not much risk.

How big is the risk of losing money?

The risk of losing the money invested approximately equally large. It does not matter, you have invested in HYIP-pyramid or lucky, and it turned out to be a real HYIP. In the first case, it all depends on the popularity of the project, and the inflow of new deposits. Secondly, from the success of the HYIP. Even if the real forex trading or a game of poker, there are losses and failures, which may lead to the closure of an investment project. Despite the risks, HYIP industry is becoming more popular with each passing year.

What are the ways of passive income?

There are many ways to organize ak passive income, such as such as rent, bank deposits, stocks and bonds, investing in business, etc. We just want to talk about how to get passive income HYIP investing. Actually, HYIPs are a popular form of passive business, but in fact, of course call this kind of earnings can only be relatively passive, and as you know the super-risk. Firstly, HYIPs permanently closed, and the money goes into the pocket of the pyramid of the organizer. Second difficult to choose HYIP, which can be trusted with their money. Thirdly you need to constantly monitor the dynamics of development of the project, and make decisions on the situation - withdraw the deposit, to reinvest, make an additional deposit ... So called investing in high-yield investment program can not be called passive investments in the full sense of the word. If you choose this area as a method of passive income, then you need to focus on low and middle income projects, working stably and with a lot of positive feedback on specialized forums, as well as do large deposits (over $ 5k) or to split them into several small deposits with different accounts.

By what criteria to choose HYIP?

Quality design.
Long life HYIP or a certified administrator.
Positive feedback from investors about this HYIP.
Responsive administrator.
Good usability HYIP.
Availability DDOS protection and SSL certificate.
On this project must be "News" that the investor could be always up to date.
The "About Us", in which the information should be taken from money.
Stable payments under the rules of HYIP.

Can HYIP stop payments to make a contribution?

The answer is - yes, it can. Unfortunately it happens quite often, especially with sites that have no signs of reliability. In general, it is necessary to take into account that the average HYIPs operate for about six months. Large projects can last up to a year. From these indicators and should start when choosing a project for investment. In addition, many HYIPs - it's just a kind of pyramid, which exist solely through the investments and when they no longer miss out on interest payments, they simply closed.

It is necessary to re-invest funds in the same project?

The answer is ambiguous and requires an examination of the situation in each particular case. In general, statistics show that the best means to reinvest in another project, because the life of even the most reliable HYIP is limited due to objective reasons. A good option is to also reinvest a small amount and direction of the remaining money to other projects.

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